Tips On Booking A Yacht Charter

When you decide to embark on a beautiful yacht voyage, it’s absolutely vital that you spend the time needed to properly research and review all of your options available, in terms of both the vessel itself and the company you decide to utilize for your yacht charter. Knowing the process, along with the proper steps to take when going through your initial prospecting can make your entire chartering process more streamlined, efficient, and more enjoyable all around. We’ve compiled some of our top tips on how to do your research when vetting a yacht chartering company.


One of the first things you need to take into consideration when you decide to embark on a yacht chartering vacation is who you’ll be bringing with you. Charter seasons vary widely throughout the world, so choosing exactly where you want to go, along with who you want to bring with you, is the first step to building a great foundation for a perfect trip. The company you bring and the various events and scenery you want to experience are some of the most important things to think about before you go and charter a yacht vacation.

If you are looking for a warm, sunny, vibrant getaway, you may want to pursue a trip to the French Riviera, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. However, if you are looking for a colder, more exotic vacation, a chartering trip out to Alaska could be the perfect idea.


Some of our other important things to consider when deciding on a yacht to charter include the actual accommodations of the yacht itself. Depending on how large your group is, where you want to travel to, and who you’ll be bringing with you, it’s important to check out the layouts and on-board facilities of the vessel beforehand.

If you are bringing children, or conversely, bringing senior-aged parents, you may want a vessel that is a little larger and more open. If you are only bringing a few people, or going as a couples-only trip, you may be looking for a more modern, minimalistic-styled vessel that is a little more affordable.

If there are certain or specific activities you are looking for on the voyage, whether they are on-board the ship or off-board in a specific location, it’s important to take into consideration the various “toys” and other items the vessel may have on-board, or their ability to take you to locations of your choosing. You may need to inquire about whether the crew located on the vessel includes a diving instructor or certified scuba-diving trainer, as well as having all of the necessary equipment and supplies on-board the yacht.


Taking the time to speak with the charter crew before the trip can reap great rewards. They will have personal insight on a variety of things, such as activities available, preferred destinations and insights on where to go when you reach the destination, they will also have great advice and information on things going on on-board such as the food available and the various events you can take part in!

A great chartering crew can be the difference maker between a simple yacht vacation and a fantastic voyage of your dreams.